Sleep Dentistry

Pacific Smiles Dental understands that dental visits can sometimes be overwhelming and may cause high levels of anxiety for some patients. Often this level of anxiety can discourage patients from visiting the Dentist and prevent them from obtaining treatment to improve their oral health.

Patients can choose to undergo sleep dentistry by sedation in selected Pacific Smiles Dental centres, or under general anaesthetic in a private hospital. Sedation options include relative analgesia such as Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and intravenous sedation. View our frequently asked questions for more information.

Why choose Pacific Smiles Dental?

As Australia’s local Dentist, Pacific Smiles Dental has over 110 centres to allow convenient access to the dental services you need. With early morning, late night and weekend bookings available, you can find a sleep dentistry specialist at a time and location that suits you.

Book an initial consultation to discuss any concerns with your Dentist who can create a personalised treatment plan with your needs in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of sleep dentistry can vary depending on individual patient needs. Your experienced Dentist will work with you to create a customised plan designed for your comfort and safety during your procedure. If you’re interested in sleep dentistry and would like to discuss your options, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to develop a personalised treatment plan based on your specific requirements.

During the initial consultation your experienced team will assess your individual dental and medical history to ensure that you are medically fit for sedation. This thorough evaluation ensures your safety and well-being throughout your dental treatment.

The initial consultation also provides an opportunity to discuss your dental concerns, expectations, and any unique considerations that may be relevant to your care. By having a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we can create a treatment plan customised for you.

You may consider sleep dentistry is for you if:

You require a lot of dental treatment in one session.
You have anxiety regarding dental treatments.
You want to be more comfortable during a long, complex dental procedure.

This depends on the type of treatment you choose to undergo. There a multiple treatment types available. Book an initial consultation to find out which option may be the best for you.

The service is not available for children 12 years of age and under, and all patients who receive this treatment must be in good health.

Before undergoing dental treatment, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and a consultation to ensure you are medically fit for treatment.