Custom Mouthguards are a great option for protecting your teeth whilst playing sports. Mouth guards are recommended to be worn in any sport where there is a risk of direct contact to the face (for example rugby league, rugby union, AFL, soccer, hockey, boxing etc.). Even accidental elbows in low impact contact sports can result in trauma to the face, mouth and jaws. So, it’s important to think about the need for a mouth guard in your/your child’s sporting life.

Sports mouthguards act to absorb and spread the impact of a knock to the face, which may otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw/s.

Sports-related injuries account for nearly 40 per cent of dental injuries, yet only about a third of Australians wear a mouthguard when playing contact sport, ADA.

Custom Mouthguards vs. Boil and Bite Mouthguards

“Boil and bite” mouth guards that are purchased over the counter in pharmacies or sports stores are often bulky and ill-fitting. These usually end up on the ground or in your sock where they offer very little protection to your only set of permanent teeth. While these may be cheaper to purchase initially, custom mouthguards will better protect your teeth, avoiding costly and painful dental emergencies from sports games.

Custom Mouthguards also allow athletes to breathe easier than with Boil and Bite mouthguards as they are generally less bulky and fit snugly around your teeth.

Custom-made mouth guards help to:

  • Provide maximum protection by cushioning teeth, jaws and surrounding soft tissue against impact.
  • Protect individual teeth and reduce the chance of teeth being knocked out or chipped.
  • Reduce soft tissue injuries – as the teeth are covered by the mouth guard and there is less chance of teeth going through lips, biting the tongue or inner cheeks.
  • Allow athletes to breathe easier as they stay in place and fit snugly around your teeth.
  • Reduce the chance of bone fractures and concussion.

Looking after your custom-made mouth guard

  • Mouth guards should be rinsed after use with cold water and stored away from direct heat in the mouth guard box provided. Regularly check your mouth guard for any defects or wear and tear to ensure maximum protection.
  • Mouth guards for children should be checked regularly for fit, especially during the growing years where baby teeth are being lost, adult teeth are erupting, and jaws are changing. Children generally need a new mouth guard every season during these times. Your Dentist can check the fit of your child’s mouth guard at their regular 6 monthly check-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sports mouthguard can protect you from some serious sporting injuries, such as broken jaws, fractured, cracked or knocked-out teeth, cut lips and tongues. If you have dental prosthodontics, like bonding, crowns and implants it’s still important to wear a mouthguard to protect these from damage and causing more damage to your mouth.

Your Dentist will take an impression of your mouth from which the mouth guard will be made to fit securely around your individual teeth.

If used and stored properly, your custom-fitted mouthguard should last several sporting seasons for adults that are no longer growing.

Children generally need a new mouth guard every season as their mouths are still changing. Your Dentist can check the fit of your child’s mouth guard at their regular 6 monthly check-up.