Dental Implants

Pacific Smiles Dental offers patients cosmetic dental treatments to replace lost or missing teeth with dental implants, the proven long-term solution for functionality and appearance.

Dental implants can be thought of as artificial roots that are securely anchored in the jaw. They are cylindrical devices made of medical grade titanium which are placed in the site of a missing tooth or teeth where they biologically bond with the bone and are capped with a ceramic crown that matches existing teeth.

Dental implants are now widely used to:

  • Replace a single tooth (or many single teeth using one implant per tooth) with a ceramic crown secured to the top of the implant to give the appearance and function of a natural tooth.
  • Secure a full or partial implant supported ceramic fixed bridge.
  • Retain removable dentures to prevent movement and dramatically improve the stability

In experienced hands, dental implant surgery is now a routine and very successful dental procedure and is considered the best way to effectively replace missing teeth. Dental implants allow patients to regain what they have lost and enjoy improved appearance, function and quality of life. Dental implants provide ‘new teeth’ for people who have lost natural adult teeth.

You can make an appointment with one of the dentists at Pacific Smiles Dental for an implant consultation and written treatment plan or you can request a referral from your usual dentist.

The Pacific Smiles Dental implant team of experienced dentists and highly trained support staff deliver the very best in dental implant and crown procedures.

All procedures at Pacific Smiles Dental Care Centres are carried out using state-of-the art equipment in modern, friendly facilities which offer the convenience of extended opening hours. Sterilisation and infection control practices at Pacific Smiles Dental are subject to the highest quality standards for the health and safety of patients, employees and practitioners.

Dental Implant procedures are available at selected Pacific Smiles Dental Care Centres by highly qualified and trained Practitioners.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Why choose Pacific Smiles Dental?

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