Toddlers and Tooth Injuries – Do you know what to do?

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare that a fall or accident could damage your child’s teeth. Make sure you are prepared in the event your child has a tooth injury with some simple steps.

Did you know that according to the Australian Dental Association around one third of infants and toddlers suffer oral trauma? Protecting your toddler’s teeth is not always easy and bumps and bruises are not uncommon, especially when a toddler is learning to walk or they are busy playing. A tooth can be chipped, displaced or totally knocked out. When a tooth or the surrounding gums are injuredyour child may experience bleeding, pain, or increased sensitivity.

Tips on how to respond if your toddler experiences a tooth injury:

  • Remain calm and reassure your child
  • If the area is bleeding apply gentle pressure with gauze or a clean cloth
  • If the tooth has chipped or fractured you may want to collect any pieces to take with you to the dentist if possible
  • Seek urgent dental carefrom your dentist
  • If primary (baby) teeth are chipped, they may need to be smoothed over to remove any sharp edges
  • If teeth are loosened they may need to be either stabilised or removed, your dentist will advise you
  • After the accident follow any instructions provided by your dentist which may include providing soft foods for your toddler for a few days or watching for any swelling or any signs of fever

Tips if a primary tooth is knocked out:

  • Do not attempt to put the tooth back in the socket, doing so may cause damage to the underlying permanent tooth
  • Try to find the tooth and place it in milk or a container
  • Take your child to the dentist as quickly as possible

Most Pacific Smiles Dental Centre locations are open 6 or 7 days a week. If your toddler experiences a dental injury call your closest dental centre location for an urgent care appointment.

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