The genius device that could save your child’s teeth

The genius device that could save your child’s teeth

If you’re the parent of an active child, you’ll want to read this.

It’s the combination that has parents simultaneously gritting their teeth and cheering: children plus contact sports. Whether your kids are into hockey, rugby, footy – or any sport with the potential for injury, you’ll know the roller coaster of emotions on game day. The soaring highs of watching your beloveds kick epic goals or win possession in a scrum – and the involuntary gasps of horror any time you think their beautiful teeth (let alone their beautiful, beautiful face) might cop a bit of a thwack. Newsflash: it is possible to watch a game without the intermittent heart palpitations, thanks to a clever device called Gameday Mouthguard which significantly reduces the risk of dental injuries. It’s as simple as a visit to the dentist. Read on for three reasons why it’s the most important bit of kit they need.

It’s all about protection

Numerous studies all over the world have attested to the benefits of mouthguards when it comes to protecting teeth during contact sport. Sport, leisure and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries and people under 25 are most at risk (71%). Custom-fitted mouthguards provide the best protection thanks to their close fit, comfort and shock-absorption. It’s assuring to know that the price of a mouthguard is significantly less than the cost of an injury to the teeth or jaw in an accident.[1] After all, no matter how skilled little Bobby is on the pitch, a blow to the face is a very real possibility in the heat of the game. With a Gameday Mouthguard, you might have to deal with a bruise or a few bumps, but that is infinitely preferable to reconstructive dental work.

It’s unbelievably simple and completely customised

Combining clinical and technical dental expertise, the beauty of Gameday is that it’s expertly fitted to the specific teeth it’s protecting. Simply make an appointment with your dentist, where they’ll take an impression of your teeth. The custom mouthguard is then expertly crafted by dental technicians and returned to your dentist ready for collection. All you have to do next? Pop it in your offspring’s mouth just before the match, and cheer without fear.

It’s like insurance for teeth

Accidents do happen and very occasionally, even when wearing protective gear, teeth can get traumatised. But Gameday Mouthguards are confident in the protection they offer. Depending on the type of mouthguard purchased (and the number of teeth involved) you could be reimbursed up to $12,000 by Gameday Mouthguards in the unlikely event your little one suffers a dental injury while wearing it. It may only look like a small piece of plastic, but it offers peace of mind that’s absolutely priceless.

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