Digital Patient Health Records at Pacific Smiles Dental

We understand that life can be busy and that managing appointments for you and your family can sometimes be difficult, so we’ve implemented Digital Patient Health Records (eForms) to give you time back and simplify your appointment process. Giving you access to your Health Records before your appointments will deliver significant benefits for you and the safety of your private information. Helping us to maintain your correct and up-to-date details will ensure that you are receiving the correct information from us at the correct time. This article will explain the benefits and features of our new eForms and how you can use yours at your next appointment.


Benefits of Digital Patient Health Records:

Precision and efficiency

By entering your details directly into our system, you will have full control over the accuracy of your details and can trust that the information you provide electronically is accurately recorded. This automated data entry and processing, will also contribute to faster service, allowing you to complete your form at a convenient time, before attending your appointment in centre. With a streamlined process, your dentist will also be able to better care for your oral health with all the necessary information about you and your health that was entered into your eForm. If you have children or family appointments, you can manage them all on one account, helping you to manage your family’s dental health at a time that suits you.


Accessibility and sustainability

We understand the need to complete your health records when it’s convenient for you, so by giving you access to your eForms remotely, you can log on to complete all your family’s records before arriving to your appointments. You will have the opportunity to complete this form once every 12 months to ensure that we have your most up to date information and so you don’t have to repeatedly fill in the same information each time you visit us. In support of our sustainability model, this shift from traditional paper forms to more efficient and accurate digital forms will allow us to remove the task of shredding your paper forms each time your details are entered into our system.


About your Digital Form


Your Digital Patient Health Records are designed to simplify your appointment experience with an easily accessible account set up by you. Once signed in, your form will take you through each step of short and straightforward questions allowing you to enter your details with ease. So, whether you are used to using digital forms or are new to this, you will be able to easily access and update your details on your personal device.


Secure Data Transmission

We care about protecting your patient privacy, so we’ve implemented robust HTTPS, industry standard encryption measures to securely transmit and store your sensitive information. By automating data entry and processing, your data integrity will remain exactly as it is entered via your digital form, meaning, only the information entered by you can be retained in our system.


What information is required to complete the Digital Health Record

Your Digital Health Record will ask for the following, so it may be helpful to prepare your details before starting your form.

  • Medical History
  • Allergies
  • Current Medications
  • Health Fund & Medicare details
  • Emergency Contact Name and Number
  • GP (General Practitioner) Name and Contact Number
  • Dental History

Remember to double-check the details you’ve entered before submitting your form as you can only update your details every 12 months.


How to Fill Out the Digital Form: Your Step-by-Step Guide.

Filling out your form:

  1. You will receive a link to your Digital Health Form at the bottom of your appointment Reminder sent to your email address 4 days before your appointment.
  2. You will need to create an account if this is your first time completing the Digital Health Record. If you have completed a Digital Form in the past, sign into your account.
  3. Once you have signed in, the ‘Welcome to eForms’screen will appear showing the available forms that can be completed. Click on the ‘Fill out’ button which will take you to the form.
  4. Complete your form, which will record your; Medical History, Allergies, Current Medications, Health Fund & Medicare details, Emergency Contact Name and Number, GP Name and Contact Number and Dental History.
  5. You will then need to electronically sign and date at the bottom of your form and click ‘Submit’to complete your form.

Please note- All questions with an Asterix* must be completed before you can submit the form.


Filling out a form for a family member:

  1. Sign-in to your account and click on the 3 lines next to your login name.
  2. Select ‘Family members’
  3. Click on ‘Add new member’ and enter the patient details for your family member.
  4. Click on ‘Save’ once the details have been completed. The family member that has been added will now appear in the list of family members on your account and the eForm for that patient can now be completed and submitted.



What if I don’t want to complete a digital form?

If you would rather complete your Health Record on paper or do not have a smart device to complete your digital form on, you are welcome to use a paper-based form in the centre before your appointment. Just make sure you allow extra time before your appointment to fill out your form.


Why do I need to create an account?

By using a login, you can ensure that you have secure access to your information. By using a login account, you will also be able to access your information each time you need to complete a new form for either you or your family members. This also ensures that in the future you won’t be prompted to provide the same personal information again, you will just have to make necessary updates instead of filling out the entire form every 12 months.


Can I sign-in to my account with Facebook or Google for easier access?

Yes, you can sign in with Facebook or Google. If you do not have an account with either of these platforms or would like to avoid using these accounts, you can create an account using your mobile number or again use a paper-based form.


What if I can’t remember my password or can’t log in?

You can request a password reset at any time and you will be sent a new password via SMS or email.


Do I have to answer all the questions on the form?

Questions marked with an Asterix (*) are mandatory and must be completed. The form will not be submitted if mandatory questions are not completed.


What if I attend more frequently than every 12 months and need to update my details in the meantime?

If you attend your appointment but completed your Health Record less than 12 months ago and need to update your details, you can ask the reception when you attend your next appointment. They will be able to update any relevant information necessary.


What if I made a mistake on my form?

If you made a mistake in your form or would like to update your details, let the receptionist know when you come in for your next appointment and they can update this for you.


How safe is my information?

At Pacific Smiles Dental we work with our technology partners to use industry-standard encryption methods when storing and transferring personal information. We have also implemented monitoring and access controls that regulate who can access particular information. Your personal information will be stored and transmitted in a secure, encrypted electronic format and it will be stored in Australia at all times.



By introducing Digital Patient Health Records, we hope that we can not only make storing your data more secure but also improve the efficiency of our appointments. With a simplified experience, more accurate data and enhance privacy, our new streamlined appointment process will help to give you time back during your day. We’re making it easier and more convenient to manage you and your family’s appointments with the ability to complete your patient forms remotely.

Don’t forget to check the bottom of your appointment reminder to access your Digital Patient Health Record. Explore our new digital system for a more efficient and accurate healthcare experience at your next Pacific Smiles Dental appointment.

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