Teeth whitening… that works

Forget the fads. Dial up the bright on dull, discoloured teeth, with these remedies.    

There’s nothing quite as confidence-boosting as smiling with a gleaming set of pearly whites. Studies have shown that besides the obvious upsides of being happy with your appearance, white teeth inspire psychological benefits – enhancing other people’s perception of you and even boosting professional success. But life is rife with hazards that can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth, from your morning espresso and evening merlot to spicy food (hello, vindaloo) and vices such as smoking. It’s no surprise that in the quest for gleaming chompers, teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures dentists are asked for. So how do you sort the help from the hype? Read on.

Don’t be fooled by fads. 
Another day, another bold claim, promising to lighten, whiten and brighten your teeth, with zero evidence to back it up. While these remedies may result in your teeth feeling clean, chances are you’re not going to get the results you’ve been promised. Example? Activated charcoal. Purveyors of natural remedies swear by it and sure, it may lift surface stains (though it won’t change the colour of your teeth if they sport deep stains or have yellowed naturally). Scientific studies as to charcoal’s efficacy are thin on the ground, and its abrasive properties may damage your enamel. Best to leave it on the barbecue. Rinsing with coconut oil? While swilling it in your mouth for extended periods (known as oil pulling) may diminish bacteria, it’s not going to give you the dazzling smile you deserve. The same goes for brushing your teeth with turmeric, which despite its anti-inflammatory properties and outstanding excellence in curries, will probably not do much more than stain your toothbrush and leave a strange taste in your mouth. 

Know you can get results at home
In truth, almost nothing compares to the teeth-sparkling success of a cool hour in the dentist’s chair in terms of time and results. But you can achieve considerable results with at-home teeth whitening kits. The secret has to do with the ingredients: hydrogen and carbamide peroxides. Enter Pola Day and Pola Night. This clever DIY system comes in a variety of products and strengths so you can get the best results. Simply visit the dentist first, to have customised trays fitted to your teeth and you’re ready to go. Pola Day’s gel-in-tray delivery lightens your teeth (with the power of gentle pH neutral hydrogen peroxide) in as little as 30 minutes. If you need an on-the-go solution? Pola Luminate is a 6 per cent hydrogen peroxide brush-on teeth whitener which works in just 30 minutes, twice a day. Getting ready for bed? Simply apply Pola Night – a tooth whitening solution (available in varying strengths of carbamide peroxide) to brighten as you sleep. So easy you can do it with your eyes shut. All you need to do next? Smile. Not only is the endorphin boost associated with smiling contagious, but you have teeth you can be proud of.  

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 Pola (and teeth whitening in general) does not work on all teeth. Some teeth are not compatible with whitening products, which is another reason why you need to visit your dentist before you plan your teeth whitening treatment.

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