Teeth healthy Christmas treats

The holiday season has arrived. A time of celebration, friends, family… and food. Did you know that some foods are great for encouraging healthy teeth? If you make a few simple additions to your Christmas menu, your teeth will certainly be thanking you!

Think dairy, fruit, and vegetables for healthy teeth

Eating more crunchy fruits and vegetables, drinking more tap water, and limiting sugary snacks to mealtime, rather than between meals, are three major things people can do to increase their oral and general health. Numerous vegetables with high water content include important vitamins and minerals which promote healthy teeth and gums while eating raw vegetables, such as carrots, celery and raw broccoli, help to stimulate saliva which acts to cleanse the mouth of food particles and acids and potentially helping to remove plaque1. Also, adding dairy to the menu means plenty of opportunities to up your calcium intake. Hard cheese and plain milk are the healthiest options and protect tooth enamel by providing the calcium needed to remineralise your teeth2.

Indulge in a fruit, vege & cheese Christmas Tree!

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psd news healthychristmastreats 2 1220

Make your own fun Christmas Tree with your favourite fruit, veg & cheese! Simply cut the vegetables and fruit of your choice into slices and arrange to form a tree. Place cubes or shapes of your favourite cheese to represent decorations on the tree. You can even tuck fresh thyme sprigs between the layers. Slices of carrot, celery or cucumber is the finishing touch for a perfect tree trunk.

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