Mount Hutton Dentists Lake Macquarie

New Mount Hutton Dentists: We can’t wait to see you smile

We are excited to announce that Pacific Smiles Dental, Mount Hutton is scheduled to open its doors in Mid March 2019.

Located within the recently developed Lake Macquarie Square, our dentists will be here for you 7 days a week offering a range of dental services and great value to the local community.

We know how busy everyday life can be, so we will be open convenient hours (with late night appointments available) and have emergency appointments on offer daily in case you need us.

We are passionate about children’s oral health, so the Mount Hutton Dentists accept eligible Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) patients#, keeping dentistry affordable for the whole family. #Terms and conditions apply. 

Request an appointment online with your local Mount Hutton dental clinic here or email us at [email protected] and we’ll call you back.

We can’t wait to meet you come March!

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