We now have online appointments available with a Pacific Smiles Dentist for patients who cannot or prefer not to attend one of our open locations. Request a teledentistry appointment.

What is a teledentistry video consultation?

A teledentistry consultation is a video consultation between a patient and a health practitioner.

Advantages of teledentistry video consultations

Every patient’s situation is different and not all patients are able to access face to face care with Covid-19 restrictions in place. Teledentistry will help provide access to care where face to face consultations may not be possible.

How can I have a teledentistry video consultation with a dentist?

To have a teledentistry video consultation with a Dentist practicing from Pacific Smiles Dental or nib Dental Care, you will first speak to one of our Teledentistry coordinators, to determine whether you are suitable for a teledentistry consultation. This will take into consideration your immediate concerns. With any urgent care requirement, you will be referred to your dental centre.

Do I have to participate?

No. You are able to attend a face-to-face consultation with your dentist in the dental centre if you prefer. A teledentistry video consultation will only happen if it is considered safe and suitable, and you are happy to participate in a teledentistry video consultation.

Where are teledentistry video consultations provided?

The Dentist will conduct the teledentistry consultation from one of our dental centres. You can participate in the video consultation from your own home.

Who will arrange the teledentistry consultation?

We have a teledentistry video consultation coordinator who arranges teledentistry video consultations with Dentists.

How do the teledentistry consultations work?

Submit your appointment request and we call you to schedule an appointment with a Dentist. The appointment will use a secure and encrypted video conferencing link that will not require you to download any software, simply click the link to connect.