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Pacific Smiles Dental is pleased to welcome Dr Diny, a new Periodontist into our Capalaba, Mt Gravatt, Helensvale and North Lakes Dental Clinics. Dr Diny has been practising dentistry for over 25 years, with his life’s mission is to give his patients the highest level of dental care, steering them in the right direction to make informed decisions for all-round improvements for their oral health.

Dr. Diny’s interests focuses on minimally invasive options in periodontal surgery that reduce tissue trauma. He is a specialist in dental implant treatments, periodontal surgery, bone augmentation, and osseous reconstruction. He also has a penchant for regenerative medicine in surgery and bioengineering to grow bone and soft tissue.

Dr. Diny’s journey in dental caregiving started at Nishtar Medical College, Multan, where he trained and earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree. Shortly afterwards, he was recruited as a lecturer in the same institution where he worked for about 8 years.

Dr. Diny, buoyed by the need to tackle the growing cases of head and neck problems, decided to pursue a postgraduate subspecialty in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. Upon completion of his Diploma and Masters Degree, Dr. Diny received two fellowships in craniomaxillofacial surgery in Germany: one from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich and the other, from Goethe University, Frankfurt.

His passion for dental health led him to complete a clinical PhD in Oral Implantology from Otago University, New Zealand. His PhD was highlighted by rigorous immersion in oral rehabilitation methods for the treatment of completely toothless patients using biocompatible implants.

Now armed with years of experience and a PhD in an integral dental problem area, Dr. Diny proceeded to work as a Senior Lecturer in a dental school in New South Wales for two-and-half years. He also went on to specialise in Periodontics and Implant Surgery with a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry during his residency at Griffin University, Gold Coast, Australia.

Dr. Diny is also well-versed in a broad array of cosmetic procedures to improve his patients’ looks. He does it all: from gum contouring to lip augmentation, Dr. Diny is well known for his expert surgical skills. Even more staggering is his contribution to the body of work in periodontology and implant dentistry. He has published more than 30 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Diny’s recent research effort has demonstrated that patients with diabetes mellitus are unaware of the bidirectional correlation between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus. Based on this, Dr. Diny has performed a series of investigations that have recommended that medical healthcare practitioners and dentists should consider the wellbeing of every patient a shared responsibility.

If you’re looking for an expert periodontist, why not request an appointment with Dr Diny today.

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