What Is Sleep Dentistry & How Can It Help Me?

Sleep Dentistry, also known as IV Sedation dentistry is a great way for patients to have their dental procedures performed whilst under IV Sedation. Patients are placed into an unaware state by an Anaesthetist, who is assisted by a registered nurse. Sleep Dentistry creates a drowsy and dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure.

When would I need to use sleep dentistry?

  • If you are a nervous patient
  • If you require a lot of dental treatment in the one session
  • If you want to be more comfortable during a long, complex dental procedure

Will I be able to feel any pain while having sleep dentistry?

No, you will be unaware and relaxed during your procedure and be able to respond to requests by your dentist, and unable to feel any pain.

Will I remember anything during my sleep dentistry procedure?

You will not remember any of the procedure. The Anaesthetist and nurse will monitor your sedative state, while your Dentist performs the required dental treatment in the comfort of our well-equipped dental clinic.

What happens during the Sleep Dentistry / IV Sedation Process?

  • The Anaesthetist and nurse place you under sedation
  • The dentist completes your required dental treatment
  • The Anaesthetist and nurse remain in the room throughout the entire treatment
  • Post treatment, the Anaesthetist brings you back to consciousness
  • You will recover for around 30 minutes and will be monitored by the nurse until recovered and able to leave the dental clinic

What is the difference between General Anaesthetic and Sleep Dentistry?

General anaesthetic patients sleep through their entire dental procedure unaware of the sight, smell and sounds, easing fear, anxiety and discomfort.

Patients receiving treatment under Sleep Dentistry / intravenous sedation (IV) experience a similar effect, without being asleep.

Can anyone use sleep dentistry?

The service is not available for children 12 years of age and under, and the all patients who receive this treatment must be in good health.

Before undergoing dental treatment, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and a consultation with the anaesthetist and your Dentist is required to ensure you are medically fit for sedation.

For more information on Sleep Dentistry and to check if your local Pacific Smiles Dental offers IV Sedation contact your nearest clinic.

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