Upcoming Dental Rescue Days in the Hunter

Dentists and staff at Pacific Smiles Dental, Greenhills and Charlestown will be volunteering their time in the next few weeks to provide dental treatment to people in their communities who can’t access timely dental care.

As part of the National Dental Foundation’s “Dental Rescue Day,” our Greenhills centre will be seeing approximately 18 patients on 25 February, with Dr Alex Abrahams, Dr Gem Thomas and Dr Kamal Kharel performing dental services, along with 6 Pacific Smiles staff members assisting.

Our Charlestown centre will be seeing approximately 15 patients on the 18 March, with Dr Alanah Thornton, Dr Jemma Gibson and Dr Loren Hartcher, as well as 4 Pacific Smiles staff members assisting.

We congratulate dentists and staff for participating in this worthy cause. 

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