Surprising Aussie dental habits

It takes only two minutes to brush your teeth – a simple oral hygiene activity that can significantly lower your risks of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Despite obvious health benefits, only 51% of Australians brush their teeth twice a day, according to statistics supplied by the Australian Dental Association.

Considering how tooth brushing is the bedrock of dental care, it is safe to conclude that a sizeable portion (49%) of our country’s population practice poor oral hygiene habits. Other findings related to other important aspects of oral care maintenance are also alarming: 

  • Only 17% floss regularly
  • Only 35% visit the dentist as recommended
  • 65% have not visited the dentist in over 2 years
  • 16% claim they do not have time to visit the dentist as they are too busy

Australians need to pay more attention to their dental health. The dental statistics provide a timely wake-up call for many Aussies to practice better oral hygiene habits or risk the consequences of more serious dental concerns – and more serious illnesses down the road.

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Source: Australian Dental Association

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