National Dental Foundation Dental Rescue Day 2016

As a part of Pacific Smiles national partnership with National Dental Foundation, the team at Pacific Smiles Dental Bateau Bay will be making members of the Bateau Bay community smile with their on Saturday 28th May.  Dr Ian Henderson, Dr Miles Somers and Dr Ravi Rai and 8 Pacific Smiles Dental Bateau Bay staff will be donating their time and services with more than 30 patients to be seen on the day via the program.

The National Dental Foundation is a charitable organisation that arranges dental treatment to those in our society who cannot access timely dental care.

By harnessing the support of the wider dental industry, such as Pacific Smiles Dental, they are able to provide assistance to those who would benefit from dental treatments

Pacific Smiles Dental Bateau Bay Centre Manager, Marcia Poole says “We are so excited to be able to support those in our community who do not have access to dental care services. We recognise that across the Central Coast there are many people who are just not able to prioritise their dental care and through our partnership with the National Dental Foundation we are pleased to be able to assist them. Many of those that attend our Dental Rescue day have chronic dental issues many patients on the day are so grateful for the opportunity to access the services that allow them the self-confidence to smile again.”

In 2015, The National Dental Foundation facilitated 50 Rescue Days across NSW, which provided over 480 appointments to patients, valued at more than $250,000 with of treatment provided to their patients.

National Dental Foundation identifies that partnerships like the one with Pacific Smiles Group is key to their success.

“Our end goal has been, and will continue to be, to coordinate the extremely generous contribution of pro bono dental care offered by participating dentists, dental staff and suppliers to as many people as possible, improving dental health throughout the community. The preparedness of Pacific Smiles Group to step in and make this significant contribution to supporting both our core activities and the Dental Rescue Days that deliver these important services has gone a long way to making that a reality well into the future ” said Chairman of the National Dental Foundation Board, David Digges.

For those who have benefited from the services provided through a Dental Rescue Day, the gratitude is the one thing that shines through.“I am so appreciative, thankful and forever grateful for the generous efforts and kindness shown for helping people like me to rebuilt our lives through the National Dental Foundation”  said one recipient of pro-bono dental care from a National Dental Foundation volunteer practice in NSW.

To find out more about National Dental Foundation, head to their website

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