Dapto Family Dentistry: All your dental needs for the whole family

Pacific Smiles Dental Dapto is conveniently located in Dapto Mall. As your trusted Dapto dentist, we are committed to providing comprehensive family dentistry services to patients of all ages. With a wide range of dental services, we strive to meet the oral health needs of your entire family. 

Conveniently Located in Dapto Mall: 

Our dental clinic is conveniently situated within Dapto Mall, making it easily accessible for residents of Dapto and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of convenience, and our prime location ensures that visiting us is stress-free. With Dapto Mall’s ample parking facilities available, finding a parking spot near our dental clinic is hassle-free for your family’s dental appointments. 

Comprehensive Family Dentistry Services: 

At Pacific Smiles Dental in Dapto, we offer a wide range of family dentistry services to cater to the oral health needs of your entire family. Our dedicated team of dentists provides the following services: 

General Dentistry:  

From routine check-ups and preventive care to professional cleanings and fillings, the dentists who practise from our Dapto centre offer comprehensive general dentistry services. We focus on maintaining optimal oral health for all family members, detecting any potential issues early on, and providing appropriate treatments. 

Kids Dental Services: 

We understand that children require specialised dental care. The dental team at Dapto offers gentle and comprehensive kids dental services, ensuring positive experiences for your little ones. From routine check-ups to preventive treatments, we are committed to promoting healthy smiles and establishing good oral hygiene habits. Plus, Pacific Smiles Dental participates in the Australian Government’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme, which provides eligible children with over $1,000 in dental services over two years*. Take advantage of this scheme to ensure your child’s dental health is well taken care of.  

*For more information and full terms and conditions, click here. 

Family Dentistry:  

Our focus on family dentistry means that we cater to the dental needs of patients of all ages. Whether you require a check-up, cosmetic treatments, or restorative procedures, our dentists have the expertise to provide gentle and comprehensive care for the whole family. 

General Check-ups and Emergency Dental Appointments:  

Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. We provide comprehensive general check-ups to assess your family’s dental health and address any concerns. Additionally, we offer emergency dental appointments to provide immediate care for dental emergencies, ensuring your family’s oral health needs are promptly attended to. 


As your trusted Dapto dentist, Pacific Smiles Dental is committed to providing exceptional family dentistry care in a convenient and comfortable environment. Located in Dapto Mall, our dental clinic is easily accessible with ample parking facilities available. Whether you require general dentistry services, kids dental services, or emergency dental care, our compassionate dental team is here to meet the oral health needs of your entire family.  

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the comprehensive family dentistry care we offer at Pacific Smiles Dental in Dapto. 

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