Attention Health Fund Members: Bring back that big grin before your extras benefits reset!

If you are thinking of claiming your dental extras this year, time is running out. Most private health funds reset on December 31, which means the amount you can claim on dental treatments each year is limited. Use your remaining dental benefits and get the most out of your health insurance extras while you can.

What is my health fund annual limit?
Your health fund annual limit for extras is the maximum amount you can claim for a specific service. The annual limits on your extras policy will depend on your health fund and the level of cover you have. Once you have reached this threshold, you won’t be able to claim again until the following year.

Why should I use my dental benefits before December 31?
Most private health funds take a ‘use it or lose it’ approach and do not allow your extras benefits to roll over. This means that any unused benefits you are entitled to will be lost. In most cases, you will have already paid your private health insurance premium upfront – this is money that could be wasted if you don’t use all of your remaining benefits.   
No one likes a toothache, so even if you don’t have any pain or dental problems, it is a great idea to schedule a regular visit to the dentist. It can mean less pain in the future, and we can schedule any required treatments before the end of the year.

At Pacific Smiles Dental, we want you to have the healthiest teeth possible while making the most of your health fund extras. We’re open most days for every mouth, so book an appointment today and bring back that big grin!

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