Are You Missing Out On Free* Kids’ Dental?

Many parents don’t realise they may be eligible for free* children’s dental care. Here’s how to find out – and why you should.

When should you take your child to the dentist? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone – a study found 76%[1] of parents aren’t sure when to take their child to see a dentist. With 1 in 4 Australian children aged 5-10 suffering from untreated tooth decay in their baby teeth[2], it’s clear more kids should be receiving early dental treatment.

Visiting the dentist as early as possible will set your child up with good oral hygiene and habits for life. And the good news is, for many parents, there is no cost. The Federal Government offers a Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which now provides $1013 of kids’ dental treatments (a slight increase on last year)[3].

You can use this benefit on select children’s dental services over a 2-year calendar period. If your kids are eligible, the benefit covers services like consultations, X-rays, teeth cleaning, fillings, fissure sealing, root canal and tooth extractions.

For your child to be eligible for the CDBS, they must be aged between 2 and 17 and eligible for Medicare. Your family must also be receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment.

How to check if your family is eligible for free* kids’ dental care

There are a few simple ways to check if your child is eligible for the CDBS:

  • Check your MyGov online account in the Medicare section
  • Call Medicare on 132011
  • Call your local Pacific Smiles Dental clinic with your Medicare number on hand and we can find out for you
  • Enter your details into our online form, and we can call you back to discuss your eligibility.

Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work or for any services provided in a hospital.

Make sure you’re not missing out on free* dental care for your kids. Call Pacific Smiles Dental today!

*Free when services covered by the Commonwealth Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule are bulk billed by participating Practitioners for treatments provided to eligible patients.




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