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A reason to smile:
free kids dental*

The Federal Government’s CDBS scheme is offering $1000 of free dental* care to eligible children aged 2 – 17. 

Looking after your children’s teeth is worth every cent, but all too often, parents put off visiting the dentist due to concerns about cost. So you may be surprised to hear that taking your child (or teenager) for a spin in the dentist’s chair, could cost you exactly nothing. The Federal Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) takes the financial pressure off families and promotes the importance of taking control of your dental health, with the support of your local dentist. Read on for four good reasons why this is one initiative worth taking advantage of. >> Click here to see if your child is eligible

Free dental care for invaluable treatment
Seeing your children smile is heart-melting at the best of times. Seeing them smile with a full set of healthy, white teeth takes that warm fuzzy feeling to a whole new level. But teeth don’t stay healthy on their own. It takes education and care – and it has to start early. Introducing your kids to their dentist from a young age will help them understand the importance of looking after their teeth. Good news: the CDBS is making it easier than ever before. So what exactly is it? The means-tested initiative provides eligible children with up to $1000 to spend over two years on dental services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing and fillings (Contact your local Pacific Smiles centre or log in to your MyGov account to check your eligibility.) Good dental health starts with prevention, and dentist visits are every bit as important to your children’s health as seeing the doctor. >> Click here to see if your child is eligible

Prevention is key to a bright smile
It’s a well-known dentist joke that you only need to brush the teeth you want to keep. Unfortunately for numerous children around Australia, it’s an all too sobering reality. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare#, 42% of all children aged 5–10 years, have experienced tooth decay in their baby teeth, and between July 2016 and July 2017, 2500 children under the age of eight required dental treatment under general anaesthetic – a 55% increase over the last decade. Early childhood tooth decay can cause pain, health risks, psychological trauma and significant cost, but the good news is, with education and good dental hygiene, it’s completely preventable. >>Click here to see if your child is eligible

Strong baby teeth – strong adult teeth
What’s the deal with baby teeth? They’re going to fall out anyway, so why give them the royal treatment every morning and night? Turns out there’s a really good reason. Strong baby teeth provide a solid foundation for a life of good dental hygiene. Losing them too early (especially as a result of decay) can have an adverse effect on everything from how the adult teeth grow and erupt into the mouth, to eating habits, confidence and self-esteem. Yes, we know how slippery small children can become once you approach them with a toothbrush, but it’s important you persevere. Twice yearly checkups with the dentist will also help to identify any potential future issues, saving you dollars in the process. >>Click here to see if your child is eligible

Say farewell to fillings
Just think: if you teach your kids to brush and floss, take them to the dentist and instil in them everything they need to know about maintaining healthy teeth, they could get through their entire life without needing any significant treatment (think of the savings!) Just as regular check-ups with your GP keep your health in order, seeing your dentist is the best way to safeguard the dental health of your precious offspring for years to come. >> Click here to see if your child is eligible

Are your children eligible for free dental care under the CDBS? Click here to see if your child is eligible or contact your local centre for more information and to make an appointment. With numerous locations offering a comprehensive range of services, you’re guaranteed to find the exceptional care and expertise you and your family deserve. 

*Free when services covered by the Commonwealth Government’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule are bulk billed by participating Practitioners for treatments provided to eligible patients. 

#https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports-data/health-conditions-disability-deaths/dental-oral-health/overview #https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-18/dental-issues-in-sa-babies-on-the-rise/8720430

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